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Our integrated swimming pool ioniser is a device designed to help maintain water clarity and cleanliness by integrating into your existing set up.

1. Installation: The IoniZer 2.0 is installed into the pipework of the swimming pool. It's usually placed after the filter and chlorinator salt cell. The ioniser controller gets power from your existing chlorinator and is connected via a 10amp adapter and transformer. Whenever the chlorinator turns on and off, so will the ioniser controller. You will also have the ability to adjust ion output by simply pressing the +/- buttons on the ioniser controller.

2. Ionisation Process: The 2.0 contains 2 electrodes, made up of copper and silver, which generates positively charged ions when an electrical current is passed through it. These ions are released into the water as it flows through the ioniser chamber.

3. Ion Interaction: Once in the water, these positively charged ions interact with various contaminants such as algae, bacteria, and viruses. These contaminants typically have negatively charged surfaces. The positive ions disrupt the cell walls of these contaminants, effectively killing them or rendering them inert.

4. Continuous Operation: The 2.0 operates continuously at the same time the pool pump is running. This ensures a constant flow of ions into the water, helping to maintain water clarity and sanitation.

5. Monitoring and Maintenance: Regular monitoring of the ionisers copper levels and maintaining proper electrode function is essential for effective operation. Over time, the electrodes may need cleaning or replacing to ensure optimal ionisation efficiency. We recommend replacing the cell every year as preventative maintenance or when the electrodes are worn away. This will differ depending on your pool maintenance routine, bathe times and chemical balance.

6. Supplemental Sanitisation: While an ioniser can significantly reduce the need for traditional chemical sanitisers like chlorine and salt, it's often used in conjunction with them rather than as a standalone solution. This combination allows for lower chlorine and salt levels, reducing potential skin and eye irritation while still ensuring adequate sanitation.

Overall, integrating the IoniZer 2.0 into your existing equipment offers a relatively low-maintenance and eco-friendly way to help keep pool water clean and clear. However, it's essential to still monitor water chemistry regularly and follow manufacturer recommendations for optimal performance.